Speech/Language Therapy

Our Speech/Language Pathologists help children become effective communicators and language learners. They help children with and without other medical conditions who are having trouble speaking, listening, and learning. This includes children who are taking a long time to start speaking, children with speech sound errors, children who stutter, and children who have difficulty listening and understanding.

Parents who seek out Speech/Language Therapy for their children often list one or more of the following concerns:

  • They can’t understand their child or child doesn’t make sounds right
  • Child gets frustrated when not understood
  • Child doesn’t follow directions
  • Child can’t answer questions
  • Child does not use enough words
  • Child doesn’t talk enough or talks less than brothers/sisters/cousins at same age

There are many long-term benefits to working to improve your child’s communication. Children with improved expressive language can ask for what they need, tell adults when they are hurt or unwell, and build relationships with family and friends. This can lead to decreases in behavioral issues including tantrums. Children with good receptive language skills can follow directions, answer questions, and listen in school. This can help children to stay safe, and help save parents time and energy in completing tasks. Overall increases in communication can have social benefits, including increased acceptance by peers, and improved school outcomes. Strong language skills can help create well-rounded and hopeful children.

Meet our Speech/Language Pathologists

Susan Carlin

Susan has been with Lifetrack since 2009. She obtained her M.S. in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. Currently, her focus is working within the Families Together Therapeutic preschool to provide therapy to children who have developmental delays in the areas of articulation, social language skills, play skills, and understanding or using language. Susan says “I enjoy working with these children because they grow so much during the years they’re in our program. Seeing a child go from using screams, gibberish, or gestures for communication purposes to being able to express their needs and wants using understandable words, phrases, or sentences is extremely rewarding.”

Karen Kulla

Karen has been with Lifetrack since 1991. She obtained her M.S. in Communication Disorders form Moorhead State University. Karen enjoys working with clients with a variety of language needs, including language delays/disorders, articulation/phonology and hearing loss.

Sally Anderson

Sally has been with Lifetrack since moving to Minnesota in 2013. She obtained an BA in Linguistics from Michigan State University and MA in Speech Language Pathology from Western Michigan University.

Sally has worked primarily in providing school-based Speech/Language therapy. Her passion is working with adolescents, particularly middle and high school ages, where the focus is on academic language, written language, social communication, and developing soft skills necessary to transition from High School into independent adulthood.