Mental Health/Behavioral Health Therapy

Lifetrack specializes in trauma-informed and sensory-integrated mental health therapies for children of all ages and their families, with an expertise in working with children up to 6-years-old and children with special needs. Our relationship-based therapeutic model joins therapists with families facing great life challenges to help children overcome barriers, build resiliency and thrive.

Parents who seek out Mental Health Therapy for their children often list one or more of the following concerns:

  • Child is aggressive to adults or other children
  • Daycare, preschool, or school complains about behavior
  • Child doesn’t get along with other children
  • Child has tantrums
  • Child doesn’t know how to be safe
  • Child has been exposed to trauma or a bad situation.

Our Mental Health Therapists can help children and their families be safe by achieving balance, self-regulation, and body awareness. They help children develop an external motivation for change and help parents understand and engage in the process of healing alongside their child. Addressing the immediate effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences can improve children’s long-term health outcomes

Our Mental Health Therapists

Kris Muyskens

Kris has been working with the Families Together Therapeutic Preschool program since 1995. She is a Licensed Psychologist, with a graduate background in Neuropsychology and Development of the Brain. Since 1994, she has focused on working primarily with children and families who have experienced trauma. Kris believes there is an incredible opportunity during early years of development to make the highest impact for restoration of capacities and relationships within the family system when the issues are addressed and treated in the beginning years of life. Kris loves to try new and innovative best practice interventions, like Animal Assisted Therapy, Yoga and Mindfulness, as well as more structured curriculums.

Kat Kane

Kat has been working with the Families Together Therapeutic Preschool and Children’s Therapies Clinic since 2013. She is Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, and completed her Masters in Social Work at University of Minnesota. Kat is endorsed through MN Association for Children’s Mental Health as an Infant Mental Health-Relationship Focused Specialist. Through her work, she focuses on anxiety, attachment concerns, trauma, infant and early childhood emotional health, and providing Reflective Consultation. Kat believes working with young children and their caregivers to restore relationships early in life can bring healing and decrease concerning behaviors as they grow older.

Jenny Russell

Jenny has a long history of involvement with the Families Together Therapeutic Preschool program, and has recently rejoined us to work with preschool and clinic children and families. Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with a BA in Psychology and MA in Professional Counselling. She specialized in working with children and families who have experienced trauma, with a focus on helping to reduce the negative effects of the trauma to help them live a more fulfilling and successful life. Jenny’s other passions include working with people who have built their families through adoption, children with special needs including those prenatally exposed to alcohol and other substances, and children who struggle with attention issues. She also enjoys working with kids and families who have struggles with a family member who is on the Autism Spectrum. Jenny is honored to hear the stories of others, identify the strengths people already have and highlight the resilience and growth that each person has within. Every day she learns about others and in turn learns more about herself and this world. Jenny also considers herself fortunate that her life includes three children, biological and adopted, all with their unique and sometimes challenging special needs.