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12-week FASD Program Helps Children and Adolescents Further Develop Social Skills

“My daughter started to make more eye contact with friends, tried to listen, and offered her guests choices. That hasn’t happened before.”
Children Reading

The Early Years: What Children Need

The early years are a highly sensitive period of development. What happens then has life-long effects on how a person learns, loves, and lives. Despite high-quality child care and preschool, parents are a child’s most important and influential teacher. So what can parents do to support their child’s path to becoming a caring, competent, contributing adult?

7 Simple Back to School Tips

Tips to help your child get ready for school to start.

Summer Life at Lifetrack

Lifetrack's occupational therapists change up activities for the children during the summer to keep them engaged.
Kaliyah Garner with her artwork

Thought for Food

Families submitted artwork and a poem for hunger book put together by college students.