Drawing up the Courage to Reach Her Goals

Anna, Lifetrack Employment Program Participant

Anna has a passion for helping young children with disabilities. She knows what it’s like to have a learning disability and have a hard time in school. But this struggle is exactly what fuels her desire to help others. It inspired her to enroll in the Early Childhood Education program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. 

“In high school, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to open up a school for special needs kids,” said Anna. “I think that they deserve to have a lot more attention.” 

Anna was working towards her degree when her son was born. She enrolled in the Minnesota Family Investment Program and got in touch
with Lifetrack. That’s when she met Mohamed, a Lifetrack Employment Counselor, who worked to help her gain the confidence she needed for the job search. As a young mom, Anna didn’t have any experience in the workforce. “It was hard to find a job because I never had a job in my life,” said Anna. “I didn’t have the qualifications to do retail or cashier work or anything.” 

Mohamed helped push Anna out of her comfort zone and commit to the sometimes grueling process of a job hunt. “Without Mohamed, I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to look for a job. I would have been stuck at home, feeling helpless,” said Anna. When she heard she was offered a job, she was excited to tell Mohamed. 

With her first job under her belt, Anna now has more skills and experience to be successful in the next chapter of her life. Today, Anna is focused on her volunteer efforts, pursuing her dream in Early Childhood Education, and looking for more part-time work to support her family while she completes school. She sees Mohamed and Lifetrack as part of the support network that helped her to learn and do better. “It’s just great that somewhere out there, there’s people that want to help you,” said Anna. “It’s been awesome.” 


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