Families Together Targeted Home Visiting

Through Families Together Targeted Home Visiting, Lifetrack works with referred families of highly stressed children ages prenatal to 4 to teach them positive parenting skills. 

Home visitors help parents set and work toward their goals and teach strategies for reducing their stress and planning for a family that will best meet their children’s needs.

Strategies shared with the families include:

  • Setting a schedule and adopting routines (e.g., meals, bedtime).  
  • Identifying their baby’s cues and responding appropriately.
  • Self-regulation and calming techniques for their children and how to prevent tantrums. 
  • Setting realistic and appropriate developmental expectations for their children
  • Helping parents identify and manage their feelings so they can teach these skills to their children. 

Along with helping parents strengthen their ability to nurture their children and meet their children’s developmental needs, staff helps develop support networks that minimize the family’s isolation and maximize resources available.