FASD Social Skills Training Program

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Many children and adolescents who had pre-natal exposure to alcohol have difficulty with friendship and social skills. Many do not know how to pick friends or find acceptance among their peers. Many are unsure how to initiate and carry on conversations with people they like. Some get frustrated and give up on friendship. Some allow themselves to be used. Many are stressed or hyper about interacting.

Research has shown that social skills can be successfully taught to adolescents, including those with FASD. (Langston, E., Child and Family Behavior Therapy, v29, n3, p57, Jul 2007)

Evidence-Based Approach

Using effective social skills programs including the Children’s Friendship Training and the Strong Kids Curriculum, we offer an 8 week occupational therapy clinic for children on (or suspected to be on) the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum who need help with social and self-regulation skills. Areas of focus will be impulse control, self-regulation, executive functioning skills, and specific social skills recommended by the Children’s Friendship training Program including:

  • how to join a group to play,
  • how to handle rejection,
  • how to “play detective” to find common interests,
  • how to be a good winner or loser,
  • how to make a good first impression

Other topics include:

  • how to self-calm using sensory strategies
  • how to take turns in conversation while maintaining eye contact..
  • how to read social cues
  • how to end conversations or interactions, including unhealthy ones


Hear what recent participants are saying about Lifetrack's FASD Social Skills Groups...

From the parents...

  • "My son learned the art of two-way conversation!"
  • "As a parent, I learned how to teach the kids how to respond to teasing and bullying."
  • "The structure of the program was very useful. The repetition and being around others who share the same challenges has been very affirming."

From the kids...

  • "The class taught me to be nice and not mean."
  • "I learned how to be a good sport."
  • "This will help me find the GOOD friends."

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651-265-2348 or MaryG@lifetrack-mn.org

Interested in a monthly Support Group for Caregivers of people with FASD? Email JenniferR@lifetrack-mn.org.

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