Musse Mohamed, Employment Specialist
Musse Mohamed, Employment Specialist

"I am very passionate to work with clients who struggles with mental health, language barriers, and employment. I enjoy helping them get connected to the community and provide them services that will improve stability."  --Musse Mohamed, Employment Specialist, Lifetrack

Meet Musse Mohamed. He's the new Employment Specialist working with the Dislocated Worker Program in Rochester, MN. Musse came to the United States in 1996 when he was 14 years old with his family and settled in Rochester, Minnesota.  He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Minnesota State University Mankato in 2008 and in February 2009, Mohamed got married in Egypt and had three children--two girls and a boy.  In 2014, Mohamed completed his Master degree at St. Mary's University of MN.   

In December 2016, Mohamed decided to join the Lifetrack team because he was intrigued by the services the organization provides to the community, especially how Lifetrack helps rebuild people's stability and self-sufficiency.  He enjoys working with organizations that have a passion for helping people. 

As an Employment Specialist, some of the most exciting things Musse Mohamed works on is helping people connect with their communities through employment, and educating them about how Lifetrack can assist them.

What motivates him? Musse Mohamed is inspired when he hears from his clients that they got hired. "I love getting phone calls from my clients that they got hired and are excited to start the job," says Mohamed. He's driven to build new relationships, educate and reach new people, and learn about new services that can help people. His goals are to help more individuals in the Rochester area and help his clients accomplish their goals.

After about a month at Lifetrack, Musse has learned to be more patient with his surroundings--working with clients takes a lot of time and support.  He hopes Lifetrack will continue to support the Rochester community and have more of a presence, so the community is aware of the services it provides.   

Outside of Lifetrack, Musse enjoys spending time with his family, being active in community issues, attending local events, and volunteering.

The Dislocated Worker Program is a free program offered in Olmsted County. This program is designed to help you advance your skills and move into your next career. Click on the here to learn more about the program.


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