Pathways to Success

Janay, Lifetrack participant
Janay, Lifetrack participant

Class of CNAs graduate, find employment

In a strategic plan to reduce racial disparities in employment, the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development awarded Lifetrack funding to strengthen a career pathways program. This program helps individuals from diverse backgrounds gain skills training as Certified Nursing Assistants and offers employment support, like resume assistance, interview coaching and help with job placement. Certified Nursing Assistants are in-demand—it is a profession that is only expected to grow. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development projects a 12 percent increase in demand between 2012 and 2022. Lifetrack was proud to see a class of Certified Nursing Assistants graduate from the program this spring and enter the workforce. Participants like Janay Shante (pictured above) were able to be placed in jobs quickly and begin their careers.


This is  a great and positive initiative taken by the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development. This will help many poeple get jobs easily :)

I am interested in working with lifetrack. I will love to learn more about job opening

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