Lifetrack provides Short-Term Training for High-Growth Industries


Lifetrack’s RENEW program is for Minneapolis Residents who are looking for higher paying jobs in high-growth industries by learning a new set of skills through a short-term training.

Staff in Minneapolis have been hard at work this new year partnering with Vocational Rehab Services, Edison High School, low-income housing communities, Minneapolis Neighborhood Relations, veterans, felons, dads and seniors to match job seekers to training.

Funding for RENEW Minneapolis is provided by the City of Minneapolis Employment and Training Program and scholarships are available through June. Upcoming training programs include:

  • February 3: Construction at Summit Academy. Automotive Services at Goodwill

  • February 10: Building Facilities and Maintenance at MRC

  • February 17: Contact Center at MRC.

  • February 24: Contact Center at Goodwill. Construction at Goodwill

Contact a RENEW program specialist today to get started. Call Brandon Koller at 612-787-2302 or send an email to for more information.

Learn more about the RENEW program.

Kenneth and Family
Read Kenneth's RENEW Success Story.


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