Business Partner Spotlight: Quality Pork Processing

QPP's Hiring Manager & Lifetrack's Manager of Immigrant and Refugee Services

Lifetrack’s Refugee and Immigrant Services go beyond successful employment for the people we serve. We develop partnerships with businesses in Greater Minnesota to assist refugees in making a successful transition into their new communities.

Lifetrack has built a strong partnership with Quality Pork Processing (QPP). Since 2011, 260 program participants have been placed for full-time employment with benefits at the Austin-based meat packing plant.

Every month QPP’s hiring personnel host a recruitment event at Lifetrack. These events help the employer save time and money while meeting with Lifetrack’s pre-screened, qualified job candidates.  At the February event, 29 job seekers applied for a position with QPP and 23 received a job offer.

To assist the refugees with the transition into their new job and community, Lifetrack partners with the Welcome Center in Austin to provide community resources for education, housing, childcare and healthcare information.

As an employer, QPP hired bilingual staff members to assist with new employee orientation training and started on site English as a Second Language courses to help overcome the language barrier.

QPP’s hiring manager recently shared what Lifetrack means to their business: “Quality Candidates. Partnering with Lifetrack helps increase employee retention and reduces staff turnover significantly.”

Lifetrack’s partnerships with QPP and the Austin community is a win-win for both the business community and the job seeker. The partnership helps the Austin business community draw new employees while Lifetrack’s job-seekers continue on the path to self-sufficiency.


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