Community Health Worker Needs Assessment

In 2015 Lifetrack began developing a staff position for a comprehensive System Navigator,
also known as a Community Health Worker (CHW), to support families participating in the
Lifetrack Families Together program. To inform the development of this position, Lifetrack
contracted with the Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance (MCHWA) and Wilder
Research to conduct a needs assessment to better understand the primary needs of families,
the type of CHW role that would most benefit families, and how the CHW could be best
incorporated into the Lifetrack organization.

In the spring of 2016 Wilder Research conducted two focus groups with a total of 15
parents who are participating in the Families Together program, and one focus group with
12 current Lifetrack staff providing direct services to parents and children. The purpose of
these focus groups was to learn more about parent and staff perceptions of the health needs
of families in the Families Together program, what prevents families from getting their
health needs met, and what type of support families would like in order to address their
health needs. The intent of the staff focus group was also to understand how a CHW could
best be incorporated into the current workflow at Lifetrack to help families and work with
existing staff. Lifetrack staff also completed Parent Health Assessments for 60 parents in
the Families Together program. The purpose of this assessment was to determine the types
of health needs parents and families have in order to guide the focus of the CHW work.

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