On Track with Lifetrack Fall 2016

Fall traditions are underway here at Lifetrack. Our Families Together preschoolers had a great time at the apple orchard, bringing home apples, new wonder at the nature around them and great memories. They are busy settling into a new school year and enjoying ‘Trick or Treating’ in their superhero costumes, which they love year-round.

Without such deeply committed and caring donors and volunteers, Lifetrack’s families would not have these traditions. Thanks to our incredible professional team, these experiences are the canvas on which our children are creating their picture of themselves, their abilities and their community. With your generous support, our little ones and those who love them, are gaining and perfecting the skills that will make them the best students, the best parents and the strongest families they can be, while building connection to a community they can now see as friendly and supportive.

Fall is the time of harvest, preparation and wonder at nature’s ability to gracefully evolve through the year. It leaves behind what is no longer needed, stores strength and holds seeds that will burst forth in future seasons of growth.

Without generous individuals and families like you who are called to care for, serve and support others, Lifetrack’s families and little ones would miss so much: the joy in the passage of time, the inspiration of new experiences, the skills to tackle the work of today and believe in the opportunities of tomorrow.

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