On Track with Lifetrack Fall 2016

Fall traditions are underway here at Lifetrack. Our Families Together preschoolers had a great time at the apple orchard, bringing home apples, new wonder at the nature around them and great memories. They are busy settling into a new school year and enjoying ‘Trick or Treating’ in their superhero costumes, which they love year-round. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Spring 2017

Diversity and resilience are two terms you, our donors, have told us that you value.At Lifetrack, diversity means a range of differences, alliances and inclusion among different groups of people, and understanding, respecting, and valuing individual uniqueness. Resilience includes elasticity and strength, the capacity to recover, reform, and reshape after adversity, and the ability of families, communities, and economies to thrive. When caring people unite, all can achieve their greatest potential. Thank you for your continued support. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Summer 2016

When people have sustainable employment, they create stability for themselves and their families and provide a solid foundation for the next generation. Lifetrack helps people with disabilities, documented immigrants and refugees and people experiencing poverty begin and develop careers that are meaningful to them. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Spring 2016

This On Track shares stories of bold action and the power of inclusion in changing the lives of children and families. Each of the individuals and resources you'll read about are essential to Lifetrack's enduring commitments. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Fall 2015

For over 25 years, Lifetrack has provided early intervention and prevention for families challenged by deep, generational poverty. Our therapeutic and intensive relationship-based approach gives children a healthy start while empowering parents with the tools to provide a nurturing home environment. Last year, 96 percent of our therapeutic preschool students graduated kindergarten-ready, reaching age-appropriate developmental milestones. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Summer 2015

For nearly 70 years, Lifetrack has been helping people with disabilities find the right career. This issue of On Track will help you better understand our work on behalf of people with disabilities, often called “the largest minority group and the only minority group that anyone can join at any time.” View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Spring 2015

In this Spring’s On Track Newsletter, we share several stories around the themes of culture, connectedness and relationships. You’ll meet Min and his family; hear about family and child home visiting services and explore family generational dynamics. Each of these stories will demonstrate how the principle of cultural respect allows Lifetrack’s work to continue to be highly regarded and impactful. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Fall 2014

Get to know our Faces of Hope Ebony and her daughter Hadassah, a family we've been honored to serve through our Families Together Program. This issue of Lifetrack's On Track shares their story and many others about how Lifetrack is Putting Hope within Reach for individuals and families seeking a new path to achieve their goals and the businesses, donors and volunteers who support us. View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Spring 2014

Check out our latest newsletter highlighting the dedication and commitment to bettering our community by people like you. Lifetrack appreciates all donors, volunteers, community advocates, and employers. Thank you! View/Download:

On Track with Lifetrack Fall 2013 Newsletter

Greetings from Lifetrack – where we put hope within reach! Attached, please find our Fall Newsletter with highlights that have been made possible by your generous support. Thanks to your partnership as a donor, volunteer, community advocate, employer or simply a caring friend, we put hope within reach for individuals, children and families. View/Download: