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Chelsea Paulson, D/HH Role Model Program Manager

The Importance of a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Role Model

Hear from Chelsea Paulson, Manager of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Role Model Program, on why role models are so important for kids.
Deaf Mentor Family Program Improving Kids' Lives

Deaf Mentor Family Program is improving children’s quality of life, Wilder Research Report finds

The Deaf Mentor Family Program is improving children’s quality of life, Wilder Research report finds. In a study released in August, Wilder Research surveyed Lifetrack’s Deaf Mentor Family Program participants and found that 85% of families felt their children’s quality of life had improved because of the program.

Catholic Charities to Aquire Lifetrack's 341 Chester Avenue Facility and Property

Lifetrack is pleased to announce that we have accepted a proposal from Catholic Charities to acquire Lifetrack’s 341 Chester Avenue, St. Paul facility and property.
Diaper Bank of Minnesota

Teaming Up for Healthy Babies

Lifetrack and the Diaper Bank of Minnesota have partnered to help more low-income families collect the diapers they need. The Diaper Bank of Minnesota is a volunteer-based organization that was founded in 2010 to help address diaper need—an problem that 1/3 of all Minnesota families face. Diapers and supplies can cost up to $1,000 a year--it’s a heavy expense that many low-income families cannot afford.

Donor Spotlight: Allianz Life

With Allianz’s help, Lifetrack is able to teach participants how to use the banking system, how to save for retirement, how to buy a house or car and how to establish good credit history. With these tools, more Minnesotans are able to work towards financial independence and create stable, happy homes for their families.