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Faces of Hope Breakfast

Thank You for Helping to Build Resilient Families!

A huge thanks to all those who joined us for breakfast, coffee, stories, and conversation at the Faces of Hope Breakfast! Because of all of our guests and sponsors, we raised nearly $60,000 that day to build family resiliency in Minnesota. All of the donations will go to support our services that work to end education, health, employment, and income disparities.
Lifetrack's Deaf Family Mentor Program

Meet Michelle and her Family: A Deaf Family Mentor Program Story

"Now that she ASL, she OWNS it. She knows who she is and she's FIVE." When Michelle and Joshua found out that their two children had hearing loss, they were overwhelmed with what to do next. Michelle was worried, "Do I know how to parent a child that can't hear?" Their daughter would often be frustrated because she couldn't communicate. Where they were living, there weren't many resources. But that's when they found Lifetrack's Deaf Mentor Family Program.

NEW Support Group for Caregivers of children with FASD

Lifetrack is starting a monthly drop-in support group for Caregivers of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. This group is a relaxed, ongoing support group offered on the fourth Saturday of each month at 9:30am.
Lifetrack Therapeutic Playground

Swing, Spin, Slide: Lifetrack’s Renovated Therapeutic Playground Will Help Kids Heal and Grow

For many preschoolers, Lifetrack is a place of joy, connection, and learning. And now, with the renovation of Lifetrack’s playground, it’ll be an even more exciting place to play!
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You are a Champion for a Stronger, More Compassionate Community!

As a Lifetrack supporter, you are a champion for a stronger, more compassionate community. You help families overcome disparities in health, education, and income so that they can truly thrive in Minnesota.