Lifetrack selected for 2017 Friend of the Family Award

2017 MNCFR Friend of the Family Award
The Minnesota Council on Family Relations selected Lifetrack as the recipient of the 2017 MNCFR Friend of the Family Award. This award is given to a professional or organization who has made significant contributions to the quality of family life in Minnesota.
MNCFR granted Lifetrack this honor for its "demonstrated exceptional services, outstanding leadership and a longstanding dedication to families in the areas of child and family education, health, and employment."
For almost 70 years, Lifetrack has been dedicated to building resilience in families experiencing the greatest disparities in education, health, employment, and income. Lifetrack offers tools and resources to help Minnesota families power through life's challenges in order to thrive. Its programs focus on economic opportunities, and child and family success.
MNCFR presented this award to Lifetrack at its annual Fall Conference earlier this month. To learn more about the Minnesota Council on Family Relations, visit


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