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Lifetrack Computer Lab

Computer Lab Re-Opens for Lifetrack Participants

By partnering with the Computer Technology Empowerment Project in the Twin Cities, Lifetrack now has a trained Americorps member who serves in the computer lab to assist Lifetrack participants with all of their computer needs, such as applying for jobs, working on all levels of computer skills, applying for insurance, and more.
2017 MNCFR Friend of the Family Award

Lifetrack selected for 2017 Friend of the Family Award

The Minnesota Council on Family Relations selected Lifetrack as the recipient of the 2017 MNCFR Friend of the Family Award. This award is given to a professional or organization who has made significant contributions to the quality of family life in Minnesota.

Lifetrack CEO Transition

As Lifetrack continues to impact the Twin Cities communities, there have been recent internal organizational changes. President and CEO, TrixieAnn Girtz Golberg and the senior leadership team have worked tirelessly in the last year to finalize the 2018-2020 strategic plan along with leading the organization through significant change.
Together We THRIVE: Check out our Impact Report!

Together We THRIVE: Check out our Impact Report!

At Lifetrack, our vision is that all families in Minnesota are empowered to reach their full potential. We believe that when this happens, our communities benefit – it makes for improved health, happiness and opportunity all around.
Together, We Can Give All Kids an Equal Chance in School

Together, We Can Give All Kids an Equal Chance in School

It’s an issue that starts early. Kids start to absorb language skills and words as babies. But, the reading gap is preventable! There are many things we can do to level the playing field. As a community, we can focus on early education programs serving low-income families, like Lifetrack’s Families Together Therapeutic Preschool. With your help, we can continue to fight disparities and help kids achieve greater success.