Community Builder Award

Each year, Lifetrack presents a Community Builder of the Year award to a local business that demonstrates advocacy, support and dedication toward Lifetrack participants who are looking for employment.

By sustaining strong partnerships with local businesses, Lifetrack is able to offer job seekers skills-training, connections and support so they can attain better employment and become active participants in our economy. This award honors the work of businesses that play an essential role in helping to eliminate economic and employment disparities.


Heavy Metal Truck Training

May 16, 2016

Lifetrack named Heavy Metal Truck Training as its 2016 Community Builder of the Year for its outstanding service to job seekers who aim to pave their way into the high-growth industry of commercial trucking. 

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Bix Produce

June 17, 2014

Bix Produce received the Community Builder Award from Lifetrack. Bix Produce and Lifetrack have had a long standing partnership to provide immigrants and refugees with secure, full-time employment.

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West St. Paul YMCA

June 4, 2014

Lifetrack client and past Shining Star, Gary, nominated his supervisor Joe, for being an exceptional manager. Gary has been an Employee at the West St. Paul YMCA for more than a year now and credits much of his success to Joe’s support.

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Long Prairie Packing Company

March 28, 2013

Long Prairie Packing Company received this award for their outstanding dedication to providing Lifetrack’s job seekers with employment and support integrating into the community.

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Dunwoody College of Technology

November 17, 2011

Dunwoody College of Technology received this award for their outstanding dedication to providing Lifetrack Resources' job seekers with Green trainings to serve and contribute to the community.

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