Success Stories

Where Kids Can Be Kids

Cellastine and family, Families Together Program

Cellastine is a powerhouse of a parent. She's the mom of a band of eight spirited and insightful daughters. When all the girls get in a room together, laughter and chatter flow easily. Even music seems to emerge from nowhere, as the girls sing songs in unison, it's an energy that anyone from a big family might know. 

But being a single mom to a big family, without much support has been a challenge. Cellastine is the first to say that after her daughter Ja'Niyha was born, she was struggling. A public health nurse saw this and suggested she look into the programs at Lifetrack. Cellastine was a little doubtful at first, but ultimately, she decided to give it a try. "I just don't hesitate with anything that can make me better with my kids," said Cellastine. 

Cellastine's biggest worry was that her children needed to develop better social skills and ways to process their feelings. "We've had issues with the kids trying to take on the stress and worries of an adult," she said. "I also didn't have a vehicle four years ago, so my children were never in daycare setting to pick up social skills with anybody outside of my home." said Cellastine. The family signed up for Lifetrack's Home Visiting program, and subsequently, her youngest daughters enrolled in the therapeutic preschool.

With therapy and help from their teachers, Cellastine's daughters learned how to express themselves etter and work through stress. "The thing I appreciate the most was the counseling because it helped me communicate with my kids better." said Cellastine. "We talk about feelings a lot now...How they are young and don't need to worry about anything else going on. They're just being kids now."

Cellastine said the growth and accomplishments of her family make her the most proud. "The kids have grown, grades are better, reports are better at school, there's more stability and consistency in the house now, versus before. Everything else has fallen in place."


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